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Sponsor a student

Be part of one of the most exciting and tangible ways to support youth and communities of the Peruvian Andes

Tier 1 | TARPUY (to plant)

$600 CAD per year ($50/month) 

What you could support: Leadership programming, English classes, and a compulsory I.T. course for one student for one year

What you get: A welcome and graduation packages, biennial newsletter, class program updates twice per year, and 1 personalized update from a student per year

Tier 2 | PHUTUY (to bud)

$1500 CAD per year ($125/month) 

What you could support: Living costs for one student for one year

What you get: A welcome and graduation packages, biennial newsletter, class program updates twice per year, 1 personalized update from a student, and 1 video update per year


Tier 3 | T'IKARY (to blossom)

$3000 CAD per year ($250/month) 

What you could support: post-secondary tuition costs, associated academic fees, and Casa Mosqoy Resident Advising for one student for one year

What you get: A welcome and graduation packages, biennial newsletter, class program updates twice per year, 2 personalized updates from a student, and 2 video updates per year

Quechua children posing with Ashli

What does a Student Sponsorship cover?

  • Tuition fees. Mosqoy students study at technical institutes or at the National University in Cusco, the nearest urban centre.

  • Leadership and professional development workshops designed to enhance formal learning.

  • Living costs. One of the greatest challenges in pursuing higher education is the cost of accommodation in Cusco. Mosqoy rents a large house for the students to share as a family.

  • Operating Costs, including Resident Advising. As our students are living away from their families and in a city for the first time, resident advising is particularly important for safety and supervision.

We hope Student Sponsors will commit to supporting students throughout their entire education, which is typically three years. However, if you are unable to commit to a long-term sponsorship at this time, we appreciate lump-sum donations of any amount at any time. 

T'ikary Youth Student

Youth from these rural communities stand at the bridge leading to a brighter future, but the bridge has been broken and the tools needed to fix it are on the other side. Eager to break away from the cycle of poverty, these youth require further education to compete in the local economy and have a say in their communities’ future, yet few of them have the means to study beyond high school.


By becoming a Student Sponsor, you not only help Quechua youth develop the tools to bridge dreams with reality, but you contribute to developing a cycle of renewal for the whole community.

Our Student Sponsors support Quechua youth in pursuing studies in subjects ranging from accounting and computer sciences to tourism and culinary arts. Beyond this, the students engage in a leadership program, empowering them to become responsible, motivated, and culturally aware change agents for their communities.

In exchange for this opportunity, once the students’ careers are established, they are encouraged to provide a contribution to the T'ikary Youth Program by volunteering their time, skills, or financial support. In this way, your contribution creates momentum for a self-sufficient program well into the future.

Peruvian children playing soccer

What can you expect as a Student Sponsor?

As a Student Sponsor, you have the opportunity to get to know Mosqoy students personally through mail and email, as you witness the immense impact you have in their lives! We also give our sponsors:

  • Special guest invitations to Mosqoy events, such as our annual gala and textile fairs

  • Prompt replies to any questions or concerns about the program

  • Our unending gratitude and appreciation in as many forms as we can offer for your support of the Mosqoy students

How to set up a payment:

Step one | Choose Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 sponsorship 

Step two | Choose your payment option: 

          A. Cheque* (post-dated monthly or annual) 

          B. Online payment through Paypal (monthly or annual)


*Address cheques to: Mosqoy, #414 - 620 View St. Victoria, BC, Canada, V8W 1J6. 

On the cheque, please indicate “Student Sponsorship."

For more information on how to become a Student Sponsor please contact us at

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