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A Home away from home

Casa Mosqoy is a home away from home. Mosqoy Youth Program’s dormitory-style residence provides a place for students to live while enrolled in school, as well as a foundation for support, safety, and the acquisition of important life skills.

Casa Mosqoy

Many of our students come from difficult family backgrounds that range from poverty, domestic violence, alcoholism, and many other hardships; therefore, the safety and support provided by Casa Mosqoy is particularly important. For many students, Casa Mosqoy may be the first positive family environment they have experienced.

Life skills students learn while at Casa Mosqoy include maintenance of a clean living space, cooking, communal living, and conflict resolution. Casa Mosqoy is also where we facilitate our leadership program.

Workshops include:

  • Financial literacy

  • Employability

  • Effective and non-violent communication

  • Sexual and reproductive health

  • Nutrition and active lifestyle

  • Self-expression through art

In addition, we hold a number of social and community-building activities such as movie nights, holiday celebrations, and inter-cultural exchange evenings with local Spanish language schools.

The experiences provided by Casa Mosqoy, coupled with the formal education funded by Mosqoy Youth Program, empower our students to become responsible, motivated, and culturally aware agents of change for their communities.

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