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We are hosting our first public tour in August 2017!

Are you a fibres enthusiast? A knitter? A weaver? A spinner? Or maybe you just love feeling amazing fabrics from around the world?

Come join us for a beyond-the-tourist-track tour to learn where our Quechua textiles come from, and to learn from Quechua weavers abou t the oin-depth and ancient process of backstrap weaving. We will bridge the gap in the commodity chain between consumer and producer, bringing you directly to the source of the products, so that you may learn about the embeded value, beyond the product itself. 

The tour will be two weeks total, and will take you to visit all five of our partnering weaving communities - three in the Sacred Valley, high in the Andean mountains, and two in the Mapacho River Valley, bordering the last Andean mountain before descending into the Amazon rainforest. Master weavers in each community will demonstrate various steps of the process, based on the expertise of their ancestry:

  1. Spinning with a pushka (traditional hand-spindle)

  2. Dyeing the yarn with natural plants from the region (and you will get to take home your own samples of yarn, hand-dyed!)

  3. Setting up an awana (backstrap loom)

  4. A private weaving lesson with a Quechua weaver

  5. Learning the intricate stories embedded in the iconography 

Along the way, you will also visit the sacred site of Machu Picchu, one of the seven owonders of the world, as well as a few other sacred ruins that inspired the textile iconographies. 

The tour is limited to 12 spaces, so book early! More information about booking and dates will be posted soon. Please email for more information.

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