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Global change starts at home.

Global stewardship starts together.

Global change starts at home. Our school programs aim to inspire youth to invest in local solutions and empower their efforts toward a socially just planet. As our world becomes increasingly globalized and interdependent, it is crucial for our youth to understand the impact that these trends are having in other parts of the world. Our aim is to bring Mosqoy’s key messages into an educational context; students of all ages can raise their awareness and expand their capacity to engage with empathy in the changing world around them.

Person playing flute to a group of students

Mosqoy team members visit various communities in Canada to host lectures and workshops in elementary schools, high schools, university classes, and interested community groups. These presentations highlight the macro issues of cultural and social justice, as well as economic and environmental issues, which we then connect on a micro level to Mosqoy’s work in Peru.

The program's curriculum centres upon issues of cultural, social, and economic injustice: their structural foundations, how they play out in Quechua daily life, and Mosqoy’s work towards uprooting these harmful processes and empowering Quechua communities. 

These topics can include:


  • Indigenous Quechua culture, including an exploration of the textile tradition and its role to empower women, Quechua worldview, mythology, and ritual

  • The vicious cycles of cultural degradation and economic instability

  • Responsible tourism and ethical consumption

  • The benefits and challenges of running an NGO and social enterprise

  • What is our role in community “development”? Critically examining how to work in a conscious and integrated way when working with marginalized populations, providing a hand-up rather than a hand-out​​

  • Quechua and Indigenous language revitalization

  • The nourishing cycles of educational and economic opportunity

  • International human rights in practice

We work with groups to customize curricula that complement learning requirements or group interests. If you would like to host a presentation at your school or community group, please email us at

Battalion Park's Grade 3 class

The generous students from Battalion Park's Grade 3 class

came together to fundraise for Mosqoy (2013)


In Peru’s rush to modernize, economic development and tourism have been escalating, which is resulting in both positive and negative consequences. For many rural communities in the Peruvian Andes, traditional ways of life are being threatened, their environments are being degraded, and social and economic inequality is intensifying — while the wealth of these places and people get syphoned into distant bank accounts.

At Mosqoy, we believe that through cooperation with different cultures we can challenge these negative impacts with a different vision, one in which socially and economically just relationships replace those of oppression, exploitation, and marginalization.

By offering workshops, sustainability tours, and more, our school programs educates youth on how to create and participate in positive change in their communities and to invest in a world where everyone can blossom together.

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