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The Research & Advocacy Department focuses on communication rights for our partnering communities, by providing venues for them to share the key issues and concerns they are facing to the rest of the world. 

T'ikary Youth students

Because of the long-standing trusting relationships Mosqoy has cultivated with Quechua communities in the Cusco region through the organization’s community-based approach, we are in a position to gather firsthand accounts of the issues that face these Indigenous communities.

Through our international network, we have the platform to share these pertinent issues with a broader community in order to educate and advocate. While no two communities face exactly the same set of issues, parallel concerns of cultural loss, climate change, economic injustice, inequality, violence, and oppression disproportionately affect marginalized and Indigenous communities. Demonstrating these similarities can build solidarity among geographically distant communities and empower marginalized peoples to resist the forces of globalization and oppression.

Mosqoy is in a position to advocate for historically disenfranchised and silenced populations in a way that is respectful and representative of our partnering communities, by communicating their message to the globe. The Research & Advocacy Department allows Mosqoy to transcend boundaries of scale, bringing together local knowledge and a global audience to bring awareness to the key issues of our time.

T'ikary Youth students eating soup

Dissemination of research includes academic journal articles, mainstream and alternative media, marketing campaigns and materials, public and academic presentations, community workshops and events, and interactive open-access multimedia.

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