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Part I

Hola! Hallo! Hi! Allillanchu!

I’m Johanna from Germany and just started my short term volunteering with Mosqoy and Q’ente. As I decided to apply for this job I hadn’t nearly expected that it would be such a breathtaking experience. But when I first met Ashli to talk about the project, the idea of the organization and my responsibilities I was completely absorbed. Two days later at 4 am we (Ashli, Adrian, Elizabeth, Stuart, Leah and me) started our first trip to Mapacho River Valley sleeping side by side on the back seat of our rented car. Five hours drive later we reached Parobamba, on time to carry out the ‘Mosqoy Exam’ in the local high school. In the afternoon I participated in my first weaver meeting and was impressed with the beautiful designs and the whole conversation which switched between Spanish, English and Quechua. That evening I fell asleep in seconds, internally warmed up from a hot, nutritious soup and just happy.

Next morning we went by cattle truck to Bombón and hiked afterwards to Pitukiska, a beautiful community in the middle of nowhere, scattered in the valley of huge, green mountains. We were welcomed with hot tea beside the fireplace in a cozy kitchen. Because of the heavy rain, the weaver meeting also took place inside, with about 23 people closely sitting around the textiles, discussing, waiting and warming each other up.

On Sunday morning we woke up nearly alone in the village because the whole community left very early for a wedding in Bombón. But they didn’t leave without preparing breakfast for us first and saying goodbye. I’m really impressed by their hospitality.

We enjoyed our last morning together, having a meeting in the sun, drinking some tea and being happy about our new toques ;) !!!

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