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Giving Campaign


How you can help this holiday season:

OPTION 1: Contribute to our Annual Giving Campaign.

Give a one-time gift and have your donation matched for double the impact! Your donation directly benefits the programs Mosqoy operates. (See our letter below.) Make a donation in a friend or family member’s name as a gift that gives this holiday season. Use the Donate button below.

OPTION 2: Become a Mosqoy Member.

Contribute a small monthly donation of $10, $25, or $50 through our safe, secure, automatic credit card processing.

If you would like to donate by cheque, please write it to "Mosqoy" and mail it to:


1004 North Park

Victoria, BC

V8T 1C6


Dear Mosqoy family,

We are launching our 2023 Annual Giving Campaign, with hope and ambition to move towards a brighter future… together. And so, with this theme in mind, we thought it was only appropriate to share a few personal reflections with you, from students and Board members. May you join us, and give - whatever you can - this year, towards a brighter future for our students and partnering weavers.



A message from Lisa Slager, Mosqoy Board member:


This July, I visited Peru for the first time since joining Mosqoy in 2018. While reflecting on my trip, I felt it was serendipitous because it also embodied how Mosqoy has experienced the past 12 months; in many ways we continue to be challenged by a pandemic that lasted longer than anyone anticipated, but there are also small ways we have come together to revive what was temporarily put on hold.


On my first night in Cusco I was greeted by the students at Casa Mosqoy, where they excitedly showed me around what has now become their home away from home. Over dinner, they shared with me their dreams, schooling, and stories about their communities. They also showed me the beautiful mural they painted in the front garden, a welcoming energy to everyone who enters and a representation of how far Casa Mosqoy has come, no doubt in part because of your ongoing support and contributions over the years.

I also had the opportunity to visit Parobamba, one of our partnering weaving communities. It was wonderful to see the weaving cooperative’s centre completed after being started in 2016. The centre is called Nueva Esperanza, which poetically translates to new hope. That afternoon the weavers took me on a journey through their textile workshop, where they shared with me their skills and knowledge as they naturally dyed fibres to prepare for weaving. They also allowed me to participate by weaving on a traditional backstrap loom. Before we left, I purchased two beautiful scarves directly from Leonarda and Brígida, mementoes of everything I was fortunate enough to have learned that day. The weavers expressed that this was the first time they ran a workshop since the pandemic started and that they felt immense gratitude for the opportunity to come back together as a cooperative once again.


Mosqoy continues to be challenged by the events of the past few years, but this trip revealed to me a growing and renewed energy in the opportunities we have to come together. A new hope indeed!
























A message from Mosqoy student, Anita Gamarra Loayza:


A cordial greeting to all!


I am pleased to share my university life with Mosqoy. My name is Anita. I am 17 years old, from the community of Socma, in the district of Ollantaytambo. I am a resilient, proactive and very persevering person. I love sports, especially soccer and volleyball. In my free time, I like to read comedies, listen to music or watch Korean series. I am currently studying Environmental Engineering at the Universidad Andina in Cusco with the Mosqoy Youth Program and I am in my second semester.

During my time with Mosqoy, I have learned many new and interesting things. Some [of this learning has come from] living with students of the same age, and some of it has come from the workshops offered. Regarding co-existence, for me it is learning to live in a

society within the framework of mutual

respect - and in a certain way, it is also a way

of learning from others. Regarding the

workshops, these are activities that

complement our career and our personal

development. They are, in fact, a way of

preparing ourselves for the future. By this,

I mean that we will apply what we have

learned when we become independent

professionals [after our time with Mosqoy].

And not to mention our learnings from the

university and ICPNA [the language institute].

From my perspective, the latter are

fundamental pillars in our professional career.

And thanks to Mosqoy and the people

behind it, all of us who are part of the Youth Program are halfway through achieving our goals.


I feel very happy and proud to belong to Mosqoy. And more so now that this organization will be my great friend throughout my career. For this and for more, I invite all of you to continue trusting in us, and to help us achieve those dreams that we thought were impossible when we were little, but today, thanks to you, we know are possible.






A message from Mosqoy student, Elim Lima Conza:


Hello, my name is Elim. I am from the community of Llanchu, in the district

and province of Calca. I am currently one of the Mosqoy students and I am

studying education [to become a teacher] with a specialty in languages and

literature, at the National University of San Antonio Abad in Cusco. I am in

my second semester.


During the time that I have been in Mosqoy, it has been a good experience

for me, because those at Mosqoy have given me the opportunity to continue

with my higher education and fulfill one of my goals, which is to be a

professional and thus be able to help my community move

forward - because not many communities in the high Andes

can access higher education. In Mosqoy, I have been learning many

things that will be useful to me in life. I also share many unforgettable

moments with all the members of Mosqoy.

In order for us to continue with our dreams, in order for us to support our communities, we need your help. With your donations, you can help make our dreams come true.





Last year, our goal was to raise $20,000. Not only did we achieve this goal, but because of your generous support, we surpassed it, raising over $30,000 with the matching contributions from our Board of Directors.


With your support, we have continued to meet our fundraising goals for the past several years. This year, we are setting a new goal of $25,000! Excitingly, we also have a generous donor who has agreed to match all donations received by January 31, 2023, if we reach our goal! This means, if you donate $10, it becomes $20! All funds go directly to support our students, partnering weavers, and their communities. It has been an extremely challenging time for Mosqoy - and for the world - but together we can move towards a nueva esperanza - a new hope, as the women in Parobamba say.


With gratitude, now and always,

From all of us at Mosqoy

Lisa weaving.jpeg

Lisa learning to weave from Luciana in Parobamba.

Mosqoy Scholarship Students:

Agustin Ccarhuani Mamani, from Cancha Cancha, studying Official Tour Guiding

German Alejandro Ccarhuani Mamani, from Cancha Cancha, studying Official Tour Guiding

Ana Lisbeth Huahuasoncco Quispe, from Parcco, studying International Business Administration

Anali Elimelit Gayoso Soncco, from Parobamba, studying International Business Administration

Elim Lima Conza, from Llanchu, studying Education

Fredy Senovio Ccarhuani Mamani, from Cancha Cancha, studying Culinary Arts

Nohemi Tintaya Maza, from Mendosayoc, studying Official Tour Guiding

Anita Gamarra Loayza, from Soqma, studying Environmental Engineering

Hilda Yesica Mamani Chura, from Accha Alta, studying Accounting

Jhoel Yucra Huari, from Quesca, studying Accounting

Justiniano Ccarhuani Mamani, from Cancha Cancha, studying Official Tour Guiding

Karina Melo Usca, from Huilloc, studying Tourism Administration

Luz Gabriela Valencia Cjuiro, from Chinchero, studying Accounting

Ramiro Olivera Ferra, from Tanccac, studying Official Tour Guiding

Sarai Andrea Uñapillco Franco, from Huaypo Grande, studying Environmental Engineering

Sunmy Nivia Quispe Castro, from Ccapacchapi

Yhamely Maqque Palomino, from Amaru, studying Official Tour Guiding


Cusi Saco Chung, Mosqoy Peruvian Textiles Manager

Stephanie Septembre, Mosqoy Youth Program Manager

Elvira Huaman Guerra, Casa Mosqoy Resident Advisor

Anshela Paravecino Kehuarucho, Mosqoy Community Facilitator


Patty Hollister, Victoria Textile Retail Liaison

Carmen Trigoso, Lima Textile Retail Liaison

Nicole Weber, Social Media Manager

Diana Zapata del Mar, Lima Textile Retail Liaison

Board of Directors:

Tomás Abdala

Ashli Akins

Brent Akins

Nekita Garcia

Lisa Slager

Paloma Vasquez

Kristina Zoller

Thank you for your support – past, present, and future.

Gree hummingbird from Mosqoy logo

(Photos by Stephanie Septembre & Ashli Akins)

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