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Photo Gallery


T'ikary Youth student
Class photo at Casa Mosqoy
Bienvenidos a Casa Mosqoy
Nataly and Marilyn
Class photo at Casa Mosqoy
Mosqoy volunteers
Emy, Fiorela, and Ashli
Casa Mosqoy students
Casa Mosqoy students
Nataly with Andes in the background
Class photo of Casa Mosqoy
Casa Mosqoy students
School day at Casa Mosqoy
Soccer game in Peru

Mosqoy's T'ikary Youth Program works with promising students from rural communities of the Peruvian Andes. By working with the T'ikary Youth Program these students have the opportunity to further their education, strengthen their leadership skills, and initiate change in their communities. While enrolled in their studies, students reside at Casa Mosqoy, a home away from home. 


Celia Weaving on a backstrap loom
Weaver group photo
Weaving on a backstrap loom
Little Quechua boy
A meeting of weavers
Wooden door
A meeting of weavers
Sheep herding
Gathering plants for dyeing
A meeting of weavers
Dyeing ceremony
A meeting of weavers
Heritage corn varieties
Simiana spinning wool on a pushka
Pushka or hand spindle

Mosqoy works with weaving cooperatives in some of the most remote communities in the Sacred Valley and Mapacho River Valley regions. All Mosqoy Peruvian Textiles are handcrafted by talented Indigenous Quechua weavers. The rich weaving traditions of these textiles use fibres and dyes from the natural mountain environment and are woven with intricate symbols that represent important elements of the Quechua culture.


Fiorela's family
Marilyn's family
Elizabeth's family
Outside a house in Peru
Emy's family
Rolando and his brother
Elizabeth's family
Mosqoy volunteer holding baby
Chicken and duck
Eurelesis's family
Christian's family
Edison's family
Elizabeth's family
Sleeping pup
Mariela's family
Ebhert's family

Strong family connection is a prominent value in Quechua culture. Our T'ikary students come from a number of communities located in the Peruvian Andes. When enrolled in their studies, T'ikary students stay at our residence home, Casa Mosqoy, with the ambition to return to their family communities with new-found skills and experience. 

2018 Do Day

Do Day presentation
Do Day presentation
Do Day activities
Do Day activities
Quechua girls at Do Day
Serving food
Do Day food
Do Day food
Do Day discussions
Do Day discussions
Do Day presentation
Do Day presentation
Do Day participant group photo

On DoDay 2018, students from the Huaran High School (Sacred Valley – Cusco – Peru) took part in DoDay. In the morning students took part in workshops that brought attention to the importance of keeping a clean community and how to reduce plastic consumption. The students then collected litter from around the school and launched a Facebook campaign on how to reduce plastics. In the afternoon, members from different NGO’s and tourism businesses took part in the workshops to share their concerns and challenges on reducing plastic pollution. The members then implemented the long term action, “la Red por un Cusco Sostenible” or Network for a sustainable Cusco.

2016 Gala: Decade of Dreams

2016 gala album
Decade of Dreams brochure on table
Gala preparations
Gala hall
Gala live music
Gala art on display
Two women examining textiles
Textile bedspread on display
Grabbing food at the gala
Man examining photos on string
Gala speaker
Hand drawings of plants and spinning
Gala attendees
Gala group photo
Ashli explaining designs on blanket
Gala attendees discussing
Gala attendees

Held at the Empress' Crystal Ballroom in Victoria, BC, we celebrated our 10th Year Anniversary with over 100 guests at "Decade of Dreams," featuring a four-course sustainable dinner, silent auction with over 40 local businesses, fair-trade textile sale, and keynote speech by Canadian author, Ronald Wright. 100% of profits raised during this event went directly to Mosqoy's charitable programs, to maintain and improve the work we do.

10th year ani party

10th Year Anniversary Party

Anniversary attendees
Festivities entrance
Man examining photographs
Anniversary attendees group photo
Anniversary food being served
Two women drawing using crayons
Anniversary meal
Ashli and an attendee hugging
Chocolate anniversary cake

We held a community celebration at the Salon Comunal in Ollantaytambo (where Mosqoy started 10 years prior), to celebrate Mosqoy's birthday - July 22nd! Mosqoy's alumni from several generations reunited to join us in the celebration, along with their families and friends, our partnering weavers, volunteers, community leaders, other NGO friends and supporters, and many community members!


Lisbeth and Adrian
Lisbeth and Alison
Mosqoy volunteers
Lisbeth rock climbing
Adrian, Vicky's husband, Lisbeth
Langley Fine Arts students
Lisbeth sailing

Mosqoy was thrilled to have T'ikary graduates, Lisbeth and Adrian, visit Canada in 2016 as a part of our Ambassadorship Program. While on their trip Lisbeth and Adrian were able to explore different parts of Victoria and Vancouver, complete an English course at UVic, and share stories of their cultural traditions from their home communities. 

2016 Brentwood Field school tour

Brentwood Mosqoy 2016
Field School group photo
Student meeting Quechua woman
Student petting cow
Learning about Andean agriculture
Preparing a meal
Students posing with pickaxes
Students carrying pickaxes
Students airing soil
Student group photo with pickaxes
Students at work
Students in travel
Thalia hard at work
Taking photos at Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
Service project activities
Group photo of Field School group

In 2016, students of Brentwood College School joined Mosqoy on a Field School Tour in Peru! While travelling students got to experience Quechua culture, explore the magnificent Andes, and learn the importance of sustainable tourism. 

2014 Gala

2014 Gala: Resilience

The Crystal Ballroom
Mosqoy Volunteer Kalina
The Crystal Ballroom table
Ashli speaking about Mosqoy
Ashli presenting a woven bedspread
Keynote speaker Wade Davis
Wade Davis's presentation
The Crystal Ballroom with attendees
Q'ente products on display
Trent Freeman's performance
Admiring the handwoven bedspread
Silent auction
Ashli Akins and Wade Davis
The Crystal Ballroom
Mosqoy volunteers Sean and Kalina
Silent auction
Q'ente products on display
Wade Davis and Mosqoy volunteers

The 2014 Gala was Mosqoy's first Biennial Gala. The night included a presentation from keynote speaker, National Geographic explorer-in-residence, Wade Davis, a four-course sustainable dinner, and extraordinary artwork for purchase, with over 200 guests. 100% of profits raised during this event went directly to Mosqoy's charitable programs, to maintain and improve the work we do.

2014 Brentwood field school tour

Field School group photo
Machu Picchu and students
Colourful painted hand-prints
Machu Picchu from above
Casa Mosqoy students
Students posing with a local
Tents set up in the Andes
Students raising arms in air
Students interacting with youth
Students hiking
Young Quechua boy eating

Brentwood College School took part in their first Mosqoy Field School tour in 2014. Students travelled to Peru to experience all that it has to offer, keeping in mind the values Mosqoy holds for sustainable tourism. Check out this blog post to hear more about their trip. 


Casa Mosqoy students off to work
Moving items
Volunteers with face masks
Lowering a wheelbarrow
Quechua man through a window
Ashli with dirty hands
Rosa scraping the roof
New library
Bookshelves in library
Library opening, youth with books
Quechua youth solving a puzzle
Quechua youth solving a puzzle

Biblioteca Q'enqo allows young students in the rural town of Q'enqo access to Spanish reading material and encourages excitement for learning. Biblioteca Q'enqo was funded by the grade three classes of Battalion Park School (2011-2015) in Calgary, Alberta. Mosqoy students and volunteers created the library in an unused classroom beside Q'enqo's elementary school. Read here to see the excitement that Bilioteca Q'enqo instils in Peruvian youth and adults alike. To read about the grade three experiences from the Battalion Park School check out their blog posts.  

2011 Weaving Encuentro


Community representation displays
Mosqoy sign
Meeting of weavers
Lunch preparation
Connections from Canada
Lunch break, group meal
Community representation displays
Huaran's textiles
Huaran poster
Deciding on textiles
Community representation displays
Parobamba poster
Community representation displays
Pitukiska poster
Bombon's textiles
Bombon poster

The Weaving Encuentro is an annual uniting of Mosqoy's weaving communities. We invite partnering community members together in order to stimulate active discussion between communities and to share the year's most exciting events, learnings, and successes. 


2010 grad album
Graduates of T'ikary Youth Program
Promo Mosqoy cake
Adrian, Ashli, Adrian's mother
Graduates of T'ikary Youth Program
Picture frames of graduates
Elvira, Rolando with certificates
Felicitaciones Mosqoy!
Ashli with Youth Program graduates
T'ikary Youth Program graduates
Graduation certificates
T'ikary Youth graduates with Ashli
Friends and family celebrating
Community sharing meal
Congratulatory sign

T'ikary students' 2010 graduation was Mosqoy's first graduation ceremony. This day celebrates students as they complete the T'ikary Youth Program. We wish them well as they go on to explore new careers and contribute to the communities they were raised in. 

2006 commencement


T'ikary Youth students
Students decorating
Quechua youth students
Modesto and Enrique
Quechua community
Students drawing
Student's mother
T'ikary Youth parents
Enrique, Enrique, Alex, and Ebert
Frida and Alicia
Alex and Ebhert

In 2006 Mosqoy held its commencement ceremony on July 22nd. The ceremony was held at Museo CATCCO in the town of Ollantaytambo. This ceremony brought together students and family members to celebrate the inauguration of Mosqoy as an organization! 

A special thanks to all the talented photographers who helped make this gallery possible.

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