Cusi Saco Chung

Mosqoy Peruvian Textiles Manager

Cusco, Peru

Her parents gave her a Quechua name, which means “joy”, creating her first true connection with Quechua Culture. Cusi grew up in Cusco, and after school she moved to Lima where she graduated from business school. Nevertheless, her passion was fashion. Her entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to implement the first fashion start-up in young executive fashion, which she ran in Lima for four years. In 2015, she received a scholarship and moved to Spain to specialize in Fashion Management at IED Barcelona. This Master’s degree helped her to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry and introduced her to new movements in sustainable fashion.

After a great experience in Barcelona, Cusi decided to come back to Peru with a clear goal: build a better and stronger textile fashion industry, helping entrepreneurs to add value to their products. This is the reason why, after working two years with a Peruvian textile enterprise, she decided to move back to Cusco and start her work with Mosqoy. She fell in love with Mosqoy’s projects and was drawn to the opportunity of working with Quechua communities, providing better opportunities to weavers, and working together on improving and selling their beautiful textiles and products. In her free time, Cusi enjoys walking through the streets discovering colours, textures, and trends. She also loves to travel and recently found a likeness to decorating spaces.

Carmen Trigoso

Lima Sales Facilitator 

Lima, Peru

Carmen fell in love with nonprofit organizations when she was attending high school in Peru. She developed a deep passion for charitable work and organized programs at her school that aimed to provide equal opportunities for women. When she was 16 years old she received a scholarship and moved to the U.S. to attend college in Iowa. Carmen gained experience as a manager at Forever 21, which encouraged her to open her own retail store upon her return to Peru. She recently found in Mosqoy a true inspiration and is excited to contribute to Mosqoy’s vision. Currently she builds and maintains relationships with partner retail outlets in Lima and manages the online Etsy store (her favorite part of her job!). Carmen is also a digital geek and certified data analyst; in her free time she mentors young women who are entering the tech industry.

Anshela Paravecino Kehuarucho

Cross-Program Community Facilitator

Cusco, Peru

Anshela is Mosqoy’s cross-program community facilitator. She works as a liaison with all of our partnering communities to build and maintain positive working relationships, and to communicate effectively in both Quechua and Spanish. Additionally, she is supporting Mosqoy’s founder, Ashli Akins, as her doctoral research assistant, and through this role, is learning the ins and outs of raising alpacas (when not cuddling baby animals). Anshela is from the rural community of Juyhuay, in Yanatile, which is a sub-tropical zone of the Andes, known for its abundant cultivation of coffee and avocado. Her family runs a small but productive farm in the region. 

Anshela is an anthropologist, who studied at the National University in Cusco. She is excited to continue pursuing her career path in the anthropology of development, and sees Mosqoy as a step in this lifelong learning journey. She loves her work as Mosqoy’s community facilitator because she enjoys spending time with community members in their own spaces and supporting them in their development efforts. Her values of learning, listening, and respect are reflected in her daily actions, and make her such a positive addition to the Mosqoy family. Her next personal life goal is to master Muay Thai.

Beth Delaplain (née Luque Huanca)

Mosqoy Peruvian Textile Fellow

Cusco, Peru

Originally from Cusco, Beth grew up in the United States with her adoptive family. In 2011, after years of hoping to travel to Peru, she embarked on a journey to find her birth family. Against all odds, she found them, and they welcomed her with open-arms and taught her about her indigenous ancestry. Since then, Beth has not only immersed herself in Peruvian culture, but has researched both Peruvian material culture (primarily textiles) and intangible cultural heritage. This eventually led her to the University of Oxford, where she received a master’s degree in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology in 2018. Her passion for Peruvian textiles and the textile revitalization movement has led her to Mosqoy, where she plans to work with the weaving communities to help secure better opportunities for the artisans and their families. Her main goal is to ensure that the next generation continues to take pride in their traditions by bringing value and prestige to the art of weaving within Quechua communities. In her free time, Beth likes to explore new places, cook (and eat), and spend time with her family.

Alicia Cristina Gallardo

Translator Coordinator

New York, USA

Alicia Cristina was born and raised in Peru and is now living and exploring the city of New York as she attends NYU’s School of Professional Studies. Alicia also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Political Sciences and a Master’s in International Relations, both earned at San Martin de Porres University in Lima, Peru. She is proud of her work as a human rights advocate, consultant, researcher, and translator for non- governmental organizations around the world. Open and warm-hearted, Alicia is always eager to work alongside organizations that uphold the same values as herself. Passionate about travel, films, theatre, museums, books, and history, Alicia wants to continue helping people and get closer to her Peruvian roots honouring her culture, legacy and history through her work as Mosqoy’s English-Spanish Translator.

Carly Eldstrom

Grant Coordinator

New York, USA

Carly is a lifelong helper who is passionate about social justice and protecting the natural environment. She has worked as Mosqoy’s Grant Writer since March 2018. Carly is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and abides by their Code of Ethical Standards. She appreciates that Mosqoy will not compromise its values under any circumstances, and that all programs are truly driven by meaningful engagement with the Quechua people.


In her free time, Carly can be found getting her hands dirty in her gardens, practicing yoga, cycling around town, and soaking up sun on the beach. Carly is especially excited to be volunteering on RAVEN Trust’s Development Committee.

Levin Chamberlain

Grant Writer

Vancouver, Canada

Levin was born and raised in the southern interior rainforest of British Columbia. Before completing his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and History at the University of Victoria, his passion for indigenous rights and environmental justice propelled him to get involved with Mosqoy. After two internships in Victoria and Peru, Levin is truly grateful to still be working with Mosqoy, an organization that has deep connections to his values. The lovely and supportive community is now an integral part of his life goal to open a research station focusing on ecoforestry, permaculture design, and cultural revitalization in the traditional, unceded territory of the Secwépemc people. If you have troubles contacting him, he is most likely rock climbing, touring by bike, or studying plants in beautiful forests, all without cell service, so please do not call search and rescue… yet.

Charlotte Lee

Grant Writer

Victoria, Canada

Charlotte is a recent graduate of the University of Victoria's Health Information Science program. While completing her studies, she developed a strong passion for social justice and curiosity in meaningful social change. She is very interested in and passionate about indigenous rights, feminism, environmentalism and sustainability, and policy. She is grateful and excited to be working with Mosqoy, an organization that works to live its values. She hopes volunteering with Mosqoy will help her with her lifelong goal to learn and grow as an ally. 

Her hobbies include camping, reading, exploring cities through their cafes, taking walks through neighbourhoods, and writing. She also has a strong life for patterned socks, the Oxford comma, and boats. 

Kate Korte

Marketing Coordinator
Victoria, Canada

Kate is in the final year of her undergraduate degree in Political Science at the
University of Victoria. She is curious about the social complexities of our time and
has taken interest in feminism, immigration, and social media during her studies.
Before she came to Victoria, Kate spent six months studying abroad at the University
of Essex.

Her love for travel then took her to Thailand and Bali last year, where she saw some
of the negative impacts of unsustainable tourism firsthand. Although she has not yet
been to Peru, she was drawn to Mosqoy because she shares the organization’s
values and knows the importance of sustainable tourism practices. She strives to
continuously learn through engaging with the world around her and looks for
opportunities to make meaningful contributions to her local and global community.
In her spare time, Kate enjoys reading, jogging, and painting.

Justine Ethier

Education Facilitator
Victoria, Canada

Justine was born and raised in Victoria, B.C and is now attending the University of
Victoria as a student in third year. Her academic passions are in Indigenous Studies,
Spanish, and History throughout North and South America. Her travels to the
countries of Guatemala, Mexico, and Nicaragua led her to her passion of wanting to
master the Spanish language.

She started with Mosqoy in June 2019 as an intern. She was attracted to Mosqoy’s
passion for culture and community building, and her work as the Education
Facilitator allows her give back to the Victoria community and learn from the
communities Mosqoy works with in Peru. She believes that listening to others is the
key to building strong relations with people around the world and Mosqoy
encourages her to build these relationships. When she is not working or in school,
Justine loves to spend time with her family who also live in Victoria. She also loves
to travel, be outdoors, and meet new people.

Bethany Foot

Web Designer

Prince George, Canada

 Bethany first began working with Mosqoy in the summer of 2016 as the Q’ente Textile Intern. She continued on with Mosqoy over the school year as a volunteer, contributing to developing its new website until the summer of 2017 when she was hired again as the Field School Coordinator. Along with her Mosqoy work, Bethany is completing her bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia, while also working toward a program certificate in NGO and Non-Profit Studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. As Bethany continues her journey she wishes to keep noticing the easily missed, finding beauty in each day, and growing with an artist’s heart.  

Hamid Zamani


Victoria, Canada

Hamid is a Health Informatics student at UVic, and he is currently working on his sixth degree. He started volunteering for Mosqoy in 2013. He finds volunteering and serving to be a great way to meet new people and give back to the community. In addition, Hamid finds freedom in serving others and not asking for anything in return. To him, this freedom acts as a way to break free of the consumerism society and self-serving culture that exist in Canada. Hamid believes in providing great free service to serve others that would bring about meaningful change. To fulfill a great dream one needs selfless workers to serve together.

Anastasiya Smolina

Graphic Designer

Novosibirsk, Russia

Anastasiya Smolina is a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, Russia. An avid traveller, Anastasiya has visited over 20 countries, and worked in Novosibirsk, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, and Amsterdam. She collects new experiences by way of learning foreign languages and new skills. She is interested in international professional and cultural exchange, as well as art, design, movies, literature, and snowboarding. 

Anastasiya has two years of work experience as a children's art teacher and almost six years as a graphic designer. She enjoys working with her hands, whether that be through painting, drawing, decorating, graphic design, or other forms of creative expression. 

As Mosqoy's Graphic Designer, she will be utilizing her work experience and expertise to help shed light on the life and stories of the people that Mosqoy works with in Peru. Peru has always been part of Anastasiya's travel dreams, with its picturesque and differing nature. Anastasiya enjoys learning about ancient traditions and wants to help revitalize these cultures in the Sacred Valley.

Robyn Traynor


Halifax, Canada

Robyn lives in Halifax, NS, where, if she could, she would eat oysters everyday. She likes running before the sun rises, experiencing new places through their local dining establishments, and reading. She reads everything. When she was little, she proudly announced to her mother that when she grew up, she wanted to "be a book". She is still working towards this sufficiently vague goal. Robyn recently took up stand-up paddleboarding after watching a short film of her favourite travel writer who paddle from Vancouver to Victoria simply because he could. She now spends most evenings gingerly paddling among the sailboats and cruise ships bobbing around the Halifax harbour.

Robyn currently works as a health research consultant where she facilitates collaboration between knowledge producers and knowledge users, bridging these two surprisingly distinct worlds to help them speak each others' language. In this light, she is excited to volunteer for Mosqoy, which itself is a truly inspirational example of community engagement. Robyn specifically brings an attention to detail, an appreciation for the written word, and a staunch respect for grammatical rules and formatting etiquette to her role as an editor with Mosqoy.

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Ashli Akins


Vancouver, Canada | Cusco, Peru

Ashli Akins is a human rights advocate, artist, and social entrepreneur. When she was 21, she founded Mosqoy, after travelling to Central and South America during a year of solo backpacking. From 2006-2016, Ashli acted as Mosqoy’s Executive Director, and now advises the charity’s operations as President of its Board of Directors.

Ashli was honoured as one of Canada’s top five doctoral candidates to receive the competitive Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship for her PhD in interdisciplinary studies with the Liu Institute for Global Issues at the University of British Columbia, supervised by National Geographic explorer-in-residence Dr. Wade Davis (Anthropology) and Dr. Kai Chan (Resources and Environmental Sustainability), with committee members Dr. Mark Turin (First Nations & Indigenous Languages) and Dr. Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies). Her thesis allows her to work collaboratively alongside Mosqoy’s partnering textile communities. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Oxford with a master’s degree in International Human Rights Law; her thesis explored why the loss of culturally significant art is a human rights violation. She previously attended the University of Victoria, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, Latin American Studies, and Professional Writing. She was recently honoured as one of UVic’s top 50 alumni in history who have made a difference in the world.

Ashli uses photography and writing to educate about international human rights and environmental injustices. In 2008, she completed a photography internship with National Geographic Adventure Magazine, and has published and exhibited around the world. She has been labeled an adventure junkie at times. One of her latest adventures took her over the last Andean mountain into the cloud forest of the Amazon jungle, with nothing but a machete, a compass, and a map.

Daniella Gotuzzo Barrios


London, UK

Daniella is a Business Manager with a major in Finance from Lima, Peru. She is passionate about all types of arts: from painting to dancing to embroidering to cooking, and is the founder of a small catering business she has been running since she was an undergraduate student. After 6 years working in the financial industry, she has now picked up on her education again and is currently doing a Master's in Emerging Economies and International Development at King's College London. 


Before moving to London, Daniella had been constantly engaged in social works in Lima until becoming a member of Mosqoy, where she found the perfect match between her skills, her hobbies and her commitment for development. She deeply believes in the possibility of improving indigenous lives without jeopardizing their traditions, and the capacity of the entrepreneurial spirit.


Whenever Daniella is not running to get somewhere, you might see her working out, dancing, cooking or taking long walks with Bianca -her black cocker spaniel- by the beach in Lima. 

Kristina Zoller


Calgary, Canada

Kristina Zoller holds a Master in International Relations from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Hispanic Studies from the University of Victoria. After working as Andean Youth Program Manager, she was elected to Mosqoy's Board of Directors. Her interest in sustainable and culturally responsible socio-economic development was sparked by an experience as an ESL instructor for under-represented and marginalized communities in Santiago, Chile, after graduating high school, and has continued throughout her post-secondary education and professional career. She currently works for another Indigenous rights education project in southern Chile in addition to supporting Mosqoy. She heard about Mosqoy through a friend several years ago, and continues to be inspired by the organization, its students and weavers, and volunteers.

Lisa Slager

Member-at-Large; Administrative Officer
Victoria, BC

Lisa is a recent honours graduate from the University of Victoria, where she completed her Bachelor’s in Sociology. It was here that she discovered her passion for activism, sustainability, and all things social. Her love for social connectedness motivated her to head a community-based interdisciplinary mapping project to highlight spaces that foster intergenerational relationships and sharing. Over the years she has learned a lot from her mentors, including what it means to hold oneself accountable to their actions at a local and global level. This active engagement in community opened her eyes – and heart – to the power of meaningful relationships that we have with others, the environment, and ourselves. Lisa believes she can learn a lot from Mosqoy’s values and community approaches. In her spare time Lisa enjoys being creative through calligraphy, ukulele, and watercolours.

Brent Akins

Member-at-Large, Bookkeeper

Broughton Archipelago, Canada

Brent is a textile weaver, and has built his own weaving studio in the Broughton Archipelago of British Columbia, where he resides with his three floor looms, his wife Marka, and their two dogs. His weavings draw their inspiration from early 19th-century coverlet patterns of North America. A portion of proceeds from the sales of his weavings are put towards Mosqoy’s mission to revitalize the textile tradition in the Cusco region of Peru.

Now retired as a professional violinist, Brent was a member of the St. Louis Symphony and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and performed as concertmaster for the CBC Radio Orchestra and as a guest concertmaster for the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa. Together, he and Marka founded and operated Earthnotes, a music school where their students performed recitals to raise awareness and funds for various environmental campaigns. They also formed the Vuillaume Duo, giving benefit recitals and releasing a CD of classical music to benefit the local cancer society.

Brent and Marka are now living out their second dream upon retiring as classical musicians, living off-the-grid, while sustaining themselves off the land and ocean.

Paloma Vasquez

Lima, Peru

Paloma is Member-at-Large for the Mosqoy Canada Board. She is a Peruvian communications and sustainability specialist, bird-watching enthusiast and around-the-clock foodie.

She holds a Communication for Development degree and a Corporate Social Responsibility specialization from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, as well as an MSc in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom.


Paloma’s interaction with rural communities in the Andes started in 2009 with her moving to Ayacucho in the south-east of Peru for work. There, she developed a passion for the Andean cosmovision, as well as for the beautiful landscapes unique to Peruvian topography. She feels deeply connected to Mosqoy’s vision and is committed to jointly steer the organization towards its long-term ideals.

You can find Paloma in Lima, working as Head of Innovation and focusing on human-centered design for the entertainment industry during the work week, and exploring the outdoors, cooking, reading and hanging out with Killa, her 10-year-old Schnauzer, over the weekend.

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