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Experiential Learning

Join Mosqoy on a high-school tour with your class! We offer tours to high schools interested in exploring the beautiful Peruvian Andes. Participants can expect breathtaking views, cultural immersion, and sustainable tourism while participating in a Mosqoy Field School. 


At Mosqoy we focus on the importance of responsible and sustainable tourism. Our goal is to empower people to become more conscious consumers and responsible travellers. We strive to encourage students to understand their impact on the communities they visit while inspiring them to think compassionately and critically about international development issues through experiential education. 

Each tour can range from 10 days to thee weeks and is uniquely shaped to match the interests of each school. We collaborate with you. To keep aligned with our values we make sure to employ local youth as guides and translators while on excursions, and that we support local reputable businesses when dining and shopping. Mosqoy Field School budgets vary based on the length of tour, and standard of meals and accommodation requested by the school.

Read an account of Mosqoy's first field school here.


  • Detailed itinerary and budget

  • Pre-departure checklist

  • Packing list

  • Fundraising tips

  • Safety and medical orientation

  • Cultural sensitivity orientation 

  • Supplementary teachings and reading materials

During Field School

  • All-inclusive itinerary including ground transportation, accommodation, and meals

  • Bilingual (English-Spanish) experienced tour guide with Wilderness First Aid

  • Exploration of ruins and museums

  • Community visits and learning directly from community members

  • Direct opportunity to positively contribute to community associations and NGOs

  • Other field trips, lectures, student-led discussions, and community dialogues


  • Legacy and “bringing it home” reflections, including supplementary readings


  • Culture shock and re-entry reflections, including supplementary readings

  • Group debriefing

  • Feedback forms

  • Memories to last a lifetime

Incorporate a Service Learning Project:

At Mosqoy we offer the opportunity for high-school students to leave a positive legacy on the communities they visit. Service learning project allow students to provide volunteer services that are needed in the communities they visit. If desired, we can incorporate a Service Learning Project into your trip itinerary. Some projects may include Casa Mosqoy renovations, student peer mentoring, or English-Spanish translation. 

We collaborate with our partnering schools to cater the Service Learning Project to match unique classroom skill sets and interests. For example, an environmental studies class would perhaps work towards setting up a composting system, or a propagation dye garden in one of the weaving communities.

Note: We cannot promise that your trip will include a service project. If our charitable programs and/or partnering communities do not have a service opportunity that is truly deemed important and necessary at the time of your trip and in line with your participants’ skill levels, we will find more suitable activities for your program. This is because we strongly discourage voluntourism, and refuse to be part of this rapidly growing and destructive industry. We instead will only support service projects that positively impact the communities that we work with.


Please note that all students are required to fundraise a minimum of $500 CAD for Mosqoy, which will be used for either a) their Service Learning Project or b) as a direct donation to Mosqoy’s charitable programs.

100% of funds are returned to local community members and Mosqoy's charitable programs. 


Students will have a chance to visit and learn about the programs they fundraised for while on their trip. We offer numerous outlets of support when fundraising so that all students are enthusiastic, unintimidated and successful! 

To inquire about or book a high school tour for your school, please contact us at:

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