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Virtual Workshop Series

Journey the Andes through your hands.


Backstrap Weaving Workshop

In this workshop, you will share a learning adventure with one of the most experienced traditional weavers in the community of Amaru, Angela Ccana Zapata. She will guide you thruogh making your very own "watana" using a backstrap loom. You even receive your own kit (with a loom) in the mail!

What to expect: This is a practical workshop, and comes with a video tutorial, plus a backstrap loom and instruction booklet.


Alpaca Knitting

You will use 100% all-natural alpaca fibre, hand-sheared and hand-spun in the community of Cancha Cancha, to knit a cute beanie to keep you or your loved ones warm this coming winter. The kit comes with handmade knitting needles, alpaca yarn, and a custom pattern made by Hannah Jenkinson Knitwear.

What to expect: This is a practical workshop, with a physical kit that comes in the mail. The kit includes two 100-gram balls of hand-sheared, hand-spun alpaca yarn, custom knitting needles, a needle, a custom pattern, and a booklet.

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The Art of Away

Join National Geographic Explorer Ashli Akins, Mosqoy's founder and president, in this journey to learn about our experiences working with Quechua weavers of the Andean Mountains in Peru. Here, you will learn about the importance of the Quechua textile tradition and the many steps of the process.

What to expect: This is a theoretical workshop that includes a video and a downloadable booklet.

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