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travel with Mosqoy

At Mosqoy we offer field schools and tours that empower people to become more conscious consumers and responsible travellers. We aim to encourage travellers to understand their impact on the communities they visit while inspiring them to think compassionately and critically about international development issues through experiential education. 

Our field schools and tours work directly with local communities in the Andean mountains of Peru, with 100% of the profits returning to local community members and Mosqoy's charitable programs.


Field schools are designed for high-school and university student groups to take their
curriculum outside of the classroom and into the Andean mountains, for two or more weeks at
a time. Tours, on the other hand, are open to travellers of all ages who are interested in
learning more about Indigenous communities, sustainable travel, and responsible
consumption. We host half-day, one-day, and two-day tours, as well as all-inclusive multi-week

Tent setup on a mountaintop

Mosqoy Field School uniquely caters each program based on participants' needs. However, we generally follow a four-part structure: 

  • Responsible tourism, visiting iconic sites of Peru's Sacred Valley while employing local youth as guides and translators, and supporting local reputable businesses;

  • Cultural immersion, learning from community members about their lifestyles, traditions, and landscapes, through traditional meals, visits to family homes, and Indigenous weaving expositions; 

  • Service learning, working directly with Mosqoy's charitable programs to provide a needed service or skill-set that will leave a legacy long after the program concludes; and

  • Adventure trek, summiting an Andean mountain, to conclude the program with a physical manifestation of the participants' challenges, moments of inquiry, and sense of accomplishments.


We provide preparatory workshop materials to ensure that you are well equipped for your program; these materials include information on packing, health and safety concerns, cultural sensitivities, as well as supplementary thematic readings.


Mosqoy Field School budgets vary based on the length of tour, and standard of meals and accommodation requested by the partner. We aim to base all tours on the same general itinerary, but each group can include or exclude activities, based on their interests, budget, and time limits.

Please contact for more information.

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