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Partners & Friends

Aynicenter logo

Ayni Center

The Ayni Center is a platform created to share ideas and contacts, and to build businesses and projects. It is a co-working space where like-minded organizations, designers, and independent professionals can unite for collaboration and reciprocity. The Mosqoy office in Cusco is based at the Ayni Center.

apus peru logo

Apus Peru Adventure Travel

Apus Peru Adventure Travel Specialists provides well-designed tours that connect travellers to Peru and its people, creating authentic, unforgettable travel experiences. They provide tours for people of varying ages and fitness levels who want to experience Peru within a range of comfort zones. 

Ashli Akins Photography logo

Ashli Akins Photography

Ashli Akins produces both film and digital photography that witnesses the beauty of humanity, celebrates the heterogeneity of cultural diversity, and explores questions of socioecological justice. She uses her photography to promote the work of many social and environmental justice NGOs worldwide, and donates proceeds from her exhibits and products to Mosqoy.

Awamaki logo


Awamaki works with weavers of the Patakancha Valley, outside Ollantaytambo, Peru, to create economic opportunities and social well-being. Awamaki operates a weaving and knitting co-operative as well as tourism programs.

Calgary Board of Education logo

Battalion Park School

Battalion Park Elementary School is based in Calgary, Alberta. Led by the unstoppably positive and ambitious Mrs. Laurie Renton, this school’s grade three class has partnered with us for several years to learn about cultures and realities in Peru, and to fundraise for the construction and renovation of an elementary school library in the rural community of Q’enqo.

BA Weaving Studio Etsy logo

Brent Akins Weaving Studio

Brent Akins Weaving Studio is based in the Broughton Archipelago, Canada, where his weavings draw their inspiration from early 19th-century coverlet patterns of North America. A portion of proceeds from the sales of his weavings are put towards Mosqoy Peruvian Textiles.

Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco logo

Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco

The CTTC is a long-standing and internationally renowned museum and fair-trade retail store in Cusco, which works with nine communities across the province to promote the empowerment of weavers through the sustainable practice of Peruvian ancestral textiles. It offers promotional opportunities and workshops for traditional weavers in the region.

Brewery ofthe Sacred Valley logo

Cervecería del Valle Sagrado

The Cervecería del Valle Sagrado is an award-winning micro-brewery in Pachar, close to Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley. They use local ingredients to create high-quality craft beer, while supporting the surrounding community. The Cervecería supports local NGOs primarily through monthly fundraising events.

Diego Nishiyama logo

Diego Nishiyama Photography

Following a long lineage of photographers, Diego is a professional photographer from Cusco, Peru, who specializes in nature and landscape photography. He has collaborated with Mosqoy several times to offer his services pro-bono.

El Albergue logo

El Albergue

El Albergue is a historic lodge in Ollantaytambo, opened in 1925, dedicated to the environment and sustainable tourism. Located at the train station, it is home to a gorgeous rustic yet romantic restaurant, hotel, and cafe with its own organic garden and farm.

era logo.png

Electronic Recycling Association

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to address the growing problem of e-waste and the increasing ‘digital divide’. For over fifteen years, ERA has offered simple solutions to help individuals and organizations prevent operational equipment from premature destruction. With a focus on recovery, refurbishment and reuse, ERA continuously supplies charitable groups with donated IT equipment while securely managing the retiring IT assets of organizations and individuals across America.

Help Every Day logo

Help Every Day

Help Every Day is Danish charitable organization whose mission is to support the poorest people of the world in their struggle to rise out of poverty by allowing everybody in the world with a credit card to make a contribution every single day (donating the smallest coin in any currency as a Coin of Compassion).

Kausay Wasi Health Clinic logo

Kausay Wasi Health Clinic

Kausay Wasi provides high-quality health care to Peru’s poorest. The clinic offers a variety of services at low, affordable prices, and patients are treated with dignity and respect for their traditions, customs, and beliefs. Patients are treated in their native language without discrimination, and nobody is turned away for lack of funds.

Latin American Foundation for the Future logo

Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF)

Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) is a UK-registered charity supporting marginalized children in Peru, as well as the organizations that work with them. They do so by providing  education and vocational training support for marginalized young people, and by supporting the sustainability of their partner organizations through income-generation, cost reduction initiatives, and capacity building for staff. 

Lush logo


With every purchase of a LUSH Charity Pot, LUSH donates 100% of the proceeds to small, grassroots organizations that could use the helping hand to continue the incredible work that they do. Charity Pot supports organizations that align with LUSH ethics in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights. 

Lydia Beauregard logo

Lydia Beauregard Art

Lydia Beauregard is a graphic artist based in Victoria, BC, who brings paper to life through her mesmerizing depictions of people, their lives, and their place.

Morris Gallery

Morris Gallery is a locally owned framing and matting shop in Victoria, BC, which supports local artists and exhibitions by providing high-quality, one-of-a-kind, archival presentations of their work.

Morris Gallery logo
Proyecto Peru logo

Proyecto Peru

Proyecto Peru offers intercultural exchange programs, whereby travellers support local projects through internships and volunteer service, while taking Spanish classes and learning about the culture through homestay experiences. 

Rustic Pathways logo

Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways is a travel agency that offers international community service, education, and adventure programs to high-school students around the world. In 2017, they began a critical issues program, La Niña Andina, focusing on women’s rights and gender equality in the Andes, in collaboration with Ashli Akins, Mosqoy, and other women’s empowerment NGOs in the region.

Sacred Valley Project logo

Sacred Valley Project

The Sacred Valley Project (SVP) is a non-profit organization based in Ollantaytambo, Peru, dedicated to improving access to high school education for girl from low-income families in remote, mountain communities of the Sacred Valley. Its mission is to provide safe and nurturing accommodation, educational resources, and nutritious meals so that these girls they may continue their secondary education and become knowledgeable and empowered.

Sacred Valley Health logo

Sacred Valley Health

Sacred Valley Health (Ayni Wasi) was formed in early 2012 to improve health care access and equity in Peru’s Sacred Valley. They recruit and train community health workers (promotoras de salud) in the Ollantaytambo District to launch a frontline health-worker program. 

SLASummit logo


SLASummit is a student-run incubator based at McGill University that challenges young people to rethink international development. Each year, SLASummit holds a conference and case competition that catalyzes sustainable development projects in Latin America. In 2016, the winning entry was a student project that worked in collaboration with Mosqoy and Parobamba's Nueva Esperanza Weaving Association; we are still working with SLASummit to realize Nueva Esperanza's long-term goal of a collective weaving centre and propagation garden. 

Synergy Enterprises logo

Synergy Enterprises

Synergy Enterprises is a local Victoria-based company that focuses on greening businesses, by measuring environmental performance, reducing impact, and communicating results. They are founded on the principle that business can make a positive impact on the planet.

TSF Logo-White on Green.png

The School Fund

The School Fund is a person-to-person crowdfunding platform and non-profit organization through which donors directly contribute to educational scholarships for low-income students in countries that do not offer free, public secondary school and/or post secondary school.

Threads of Peru logo

Threads of Peru

Threads of Peru is a retail business that connects the world to handmade Peruvian textiles, helping to preserve ancient craft techniques and empower Indigenous artisans. Threads of Peru works to alleviate poverty and revitalize cultural traditions in rural Indigenous communities in the Patakancha Valley.

The Visionaria Network logo

The Visionaria Network

The Visionaria Network builds the capacity of its clients and stakeholders by passing on knowledge and expertise, guiding them in forming partnerships, tools, and action plans, and helping them fulfill goals related to enabling and supporting women and girls.

UBC's Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies, and Spanish for Community logo

UBC’s upper-level Spanish Translation class, Spanish for Communities, is collaborating with Mosqoy to incorporate the Spanish translation of our website into their course curriculum.

University of Victoria Co-operative Education logo

UVic Co-operative Education Program

University of Victoria has an extensive co-operative education program, which provides work experience for its students in areas related to their career fields, so they may be better equipped for the job sector upon graduation.

University of Victoria Environmental Studies logo

UVic's School of Environmental Studies

UVic’s School of Environmental Studies is an innovative, community-based, and interdisciplinary degree program that provides humanities and science courses both in the classroom and in the field, focusing on political ecology, ethnoecology, and integral systems theory.

University of Victoria Hispanic and Italian Studies logo

UVic's Hispanic Studies Department

UVic’s Hispanic Studies Department offers language, culture, and literature classes to students who wish to broaden their understanding of both Spanish and Latin American Studies.

Willka Travel logo

Willka Travel

Willka Travel is a tourism agency in Cusco, Peru, that specializes in unconventional tourism and adventure. Sustainability and protecting the environment are at the core of their values. Willka Travel’s Founder and Director, Rolando Auccapuri Iturriaga, is a Mosqoy Youth Program alumni, from the program’s first cohort of students! He continues to support Mosqoy through monthly donations as part of our membership program. 

World Leadership School logo

World Leadership School

World Leadership School (WLS) is based in Boulder, Colorado, and provides service learning and student enrichment opportunities to its partner schools in the US, in order to empower young people to become “world-connected citizens”. WLS works with partner organizations in several countries, including Peru, where they bring groups of students from the US each year, to work on community projects and learn about innovative problem solving from local leaders.


Wade Davis


PhD, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk, University of British Columbia

Vicky Husband

Environmental Activist


Werner Knittel

Entrepreneur, Executive Leader

Ana Maria Peredo

Expert in Social Enterprise & Community-Based Economies

PhD, Professor, University of Victoria

Norm Smookler

Expert in Leadership and Organizational Development


Duncan Taylor

Systems Theorist

PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Victoria


Nancy Turner



Trudeau Fellow & Emeritus Professor, University of Victoria





Thank you to all of our passionate volunteers, past and present, who have helped shape, nurture, and grow Mosqoy!



Adam Tran, Alan Ha, Alicia Mildner, Ali MacDonald, Alison Root, Amanda Yeo, Andrea DiLucca, Andres Palomino, Angela McKinnon, Annie Olivier, April Duong, Arianna Klus, Ashli Akins, Atef Abdelkefi, Ayan Deng, Beatriz Palacios Fernandez, Bethany Foot, Bradley Bryan, Brenda Beckwith, Brent Akins, Cait Vince, Cali Barton, Camille Moulene, Carly Nicholson, Carolyn Clarke, Carol-Lynne Michaels, Carys Pinches, Catrina Jones, Cayleigh Rees, Chantele Sitaram, Christina Burns, Colin Aspinall, Constance Cordier, Cristi Oldfield Lindsay, Cristina Vara Almirall, Dayna Forsgren, Denise Decloux, Donna Usher, Duncan Taylor, Elise Cote Valesquez, Elena Pennell, Emily Stuart, Eva Bizio, Gabriela McBee, Gayle Ramsden, Geneva List, Georgia Klap, Gerry Luton, Gillian Lo, Hadley Akins, Hamid Zamani, Hamilton Simon, Isabel Bodrogi, Jacqui McGuire, Janette DeLong, Janitta Wong, Jasmine Nielsen, Jayce Hawkins, Jeff Mandick, Jenny Chan, Jessica Lansfield, Jevta Lukic, Jody Bain, Jolene Lowey, Julia Anderson, Justin Campbell, Kalina Hunter, Katarina Heim, Kate Pachal, Katheryn Jones, Kemmy Alonge, Kie Shiroma, Kristina Zoller, Kyla Fiddick, Lau Godard, Laura Brouwer, Lauren Portner, Laurie Renton, Leah Hughes, Lindsay Zibrik, Lilliana Paz, Lisa Claire Wielinga, Lydia Beauregard, Mark Knudsen, Marka Akins, Maddie MacKenzie, Marylyn Buenvenida, Maya Nue-Lee, Megan Welsh, Melissa Hiebert, Melissa Lee, Michael Fraser, Michael Lenaghan, Nancy Turner, Natalie Sands, Nicole Darnell, Pam Lushington, Patrick Grace, Patrick Pothier, Patty Hollister, Praveen Raj Ponraj, Rachel Baarda, Rachel Kinakin, Rachel Nielsen, Reanna McMillan, Rebecca Henn, Regan Shrumm, Rhiannon Myers, Robert Williams, Rhian Lewis, Robyn Traynor, Rosa Stewart, Sam Klap, Sarah Hughes, Sarah Confer, Sarah Rollins, Sasha Gronsdahl, Sean Higgins, Sharon Smiley, Sonya Rokosh, Stephanie Shulman, Taryn Burgar, Tawnya Perdia, Tory Davis, Trent Freeman, Vicky Husband, Vivian McCormick, Werner Knittel, William Lyons, Zaya Kadyrova, Zoe Yunker



Adela Arenas de del Alamo, Adrian Jimenez Suma, Alexia Dosal Audirac, Alicia Formanack, Alison Root, Alley Leinweber, Allie Dickhout, Ana Zbona, Andreas Sampson, Ashli Akins, Aurora Dallolio, Benjamin Kitchen, Brooke Shaughnessy, Carolina Aldana, Cara Clatanoff, Carmen Trigoso, Carter Anderson, Cassady Millus, Catherine Carrion Alarcon, Catriona Spaven-Donn, Charlie Murphey, Clara Butow, Cristian Guerra AcuñaDana Schaeffer, Diego Nishiyama, Ebhert Alvarez Huaman, Eliana Ponce Valdivia, Elizabeth Jaimes Canal, Ella Kitchen, Elvira Huaman Guerra, Erick Jantzen, Eva Horačková, Fanny Kokocinska, Francis Abrill, Frida Delgado Chirinos, Gabriela Chacon, Jasmine Nielsen, Jérémie Pierre, Johanna Muller, Jose Luis Jimenez Endara, Juan Clavijo, Kathryn Houston, Katie Barber, Katie Larone, Karina Jimenez Suma, Kia Kouyoumjian, Kristina Zoller, Leah Hughes, Liam Walke, Madison Stewart, Maggie Knapp, Marion Travis, Natalie Sands, Nadyne Anani Medina Calero, Naywa Herrera Delgado, Niko Siegl, Nora Walker, Paloma Callo, Patricia Moscoso Garay, Rachel Kitchen, Raul Cobos Mejia, Reanna McMillan, Rebecca Henn, Robinzon Gutierrez Llanos, Rolando Auccapuri Iturriaga, Rosa McBee, Rosa Pilares, Rose Prieto, Sarah Confer, Silvia Huanaco Surco, Sonya Radetsky, Stephanie Smallshaw, Stuart Higgs, Tania Herrera Delgado, Thalia Christou, Theresa Mena Rosell, Tim Kitchen, Trent Freeman, Urpi Herrera Delgado


Amanda DiGiovanna, Anastasiya Smolina, Catherine Lake, Emma Tipping, Matthew Dresch, Naushita Jaising, Renee Press, Victoria Fanthorpe

Donors & Supporters

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, whether through attending our events, donating to our campaigns, or sponsoring a student. Every penny counts and your contribution means the world!

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