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Traditional Line:

Includes items such as scarves and bedspreads as well as traditional winter hats and ponchos. Not only is the method traditional, but the products in this line are still in use today by community members.

Innovative Line:

A collaborative project undertaken with weavers that is aimed at using traditional weaving methods to create more modern products such as side bags, shawls, and yoga mat bags.

Accessory Line:

Composed of a combination of more traditional accessories such as belts, as well as products that answer more modern needs, such as change purses and pencil cases. Our wrist and hair wraps are not only modern accessories, but are traditional as well, and can often be found adorning traditional Quechua hats.

Artistry Line:

Includes canvas prints of photography from the Andes, matted textiles, and original line drawings of the textile process by collaborating artists Lydia Beauregard and Ashli Akins, who have volunteered their time and skills to support Q’ente’s partnering weaving communities.

Fibre Line:

Undyed hand-sheared and hand-spun alpaca fibre, in thicknesses for both weavers and knitters, produced by fibre artists of Cancha Cancha. 

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