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Who We Are

Mosqoy is a grassroots organization that works towards global sustainability and resilience by empowering local culture. We work with rural Quechua populations in the Andean mountains of Peru. We believe in empowering local communities through international solidarity and networking, sharing stories of celebration, struggle, and strength.


To mitigate the adverse effects of unsustainable tourism and development in the Peruvian Andes.


Learn to make a traditional watana, guided by Quechua weaver Angela!


Knit a custom pattern for a hat, with 100% natural alpaca yarn!


Learn about cultural rights and the importance of the textile tradition, with our founder Ashli!

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Our Programs

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Our Textiles

Mosqoy textiles are handwoven by talented weavers in rural Quechua communities of Peru. All of our fairly traded textiles are naturally dyed and contain symbols that carry the traditional knowledge of each community.  


Global sustainability through local resilience.

Become a Mosqoy Member Today!

By becoming a monthly member, you provide a stable source of consistent funding that gives Mosqoy the capacity to increase its operational efficiencies and plan for long-term growth.

Work With Us

We thrive on the passion of our volunteers and are always looking for people to work with us to help achieve our mission and goals. Whether living in Canada, Peru, or abroad, Mosqoy offers many rewarding volunteer opportunities.

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