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We had an excellent few weeks in Casa Mosqoy! Students are working hard to complete projects and modules according to their programs and Mosqoy 5 students are keen to be finished their studies at the end of this week. Mosqoy 3 students have completed their third module, and have only one left before they can officially receive their titles. We’ve hosted more intercambios, participated in more workshops, and received an incredibly generous donation to the house. Unfortunately, we have had to say goodbye to another volunteer at Casa Mosqoy: Maggie, the Community Textiles Field Coordinator, has completed her work with Mosqoy and is moving to Ecuador to teach! We wish her all the best and thank her for her dedicated work with Q’ente.

Students listening while the reproductive system is explained

On August 4, the students of Mosqoy completed their first sexual education workshop. Mosqoy teamed up with Sacred Valley Health (Ayni Wasi: to learn about sexual and reproductive health. We covered a range of topics in a short time including labeling the reproductive system and learning functions of each part to anti-contraceptive devices to symptoms of pregnancy. The kids really enjoyed their time there, and were engaged in the workshop from the moment they started it - they were asking questions and eager to dispel myths they had previously learned. We used both the anonymous method of asking questions (writing on a piece of paper and going through them one by one) and actually just raising a hand and asking. Mosqoy volunteers are all excited about the student’s levels of participation, and at the same absolutely shocked at the gaps in knowledge for kids that are 18-24 years old. We are planning to make Mosqoy Sex Ed an annual event that will last roughly a month. In this time we will cover topics from practical basic knowledge of the reproductive system to more social themes like healthy relationships. Mosqoy volunteers and students are excited about this new program, and looking forward to another workshop to cover more material we were unable to because time ran out.

Niko wearing a toque the students bought and opening up some more presents

Niko, a man who works at the San Blas School and worked closely with Reanna to start up our intercambios is also heading back to his native Austria after spending several years in Cusco supporting Mosqoy and other NGO’s in the region. He generously donated money to Casa Mosqoy before leaving, so we spent a morning buying new cups, plates, cutlery, pots and pans, and huge sacks of sugar and rice for the house. The students are so thankful to Niko and his family for their support of the house! We have picked out a desk and bookshelf for the new desktop computer donated by Irene in Brazil, and will be setting up a study space in the house for the kids because of their generous donations.

On August 6th, we hosted another intercambio with the San Blas School. Marilyn of Mosqoy 5 created a Quechua language workshop where we learned ten phrases total including good morning (Allin Tutamanta Kachun), where do you study (Maypi Yachanki?), and what’s your name (Iman Sutiyki)? We all tried - some of us were more successful than others, but we all had a good time nonetheless. Mosqoy students are also continuing in their weekly soccer games with the San Blas School. In the two games we have played, Mosqoy won one game and lost one game, but in every game we continue to learn how to work as a team.

Mosqoy is currently running a campaign on IndieGoGo - a crowdsourcing platform. If you have not yet had a chance to check it out - it’s worth a click! You can buy an alpaca for a weaving community, or receive a Quechuan textile while continuing to support our students and weavers in Peru! Share with friends - every little bit helps us out!

San Blas (in red) celebrates a goal

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