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It's definitely spring in BC! The last few days have been beautiful in Victoria, sunny and almost warm. I say almost, because unlike Canadians, I'm not used to going outside in flip flops, a t-shirt and shorts when it's only 15 degrees! I went for the first time to Cadboro beach with my friends, it's such a beautiful place! I also had a good time walking in the middle of flowers at Butchart Gardens .

But let's talk about my work with Q'ente! March was a busy month. I went to Vancouver twice to participate in two sales.

First, Sarah's lecture at Hycroft Manor on March 15 was very interesting. It's always fascinating to learn more about traditional textiles and weaving techniques. We had a booth to showcase the textiles and for sales; our new KACHAMPA bags were particularly popular! Indeed, they are unique items with their intricate patterns, vibrant colours and the fact that their design includes a woven pocket.

Then, Fibres West was a great event. It is a two-day fair that gathers fibre enthusiasts from all over. Most vendors sell yarn, fleece and various spinning, weaving, and knitting accoutrements. Although the first day was quiet, Q'ente made good sales and met some great people. Our booth looked great, too, thanks to Circle Craft which lent us some display props including two beautiful mannequins! Check out the photos of our display. All around, it was a great week end! I met Vancouver's volunteers (Isabel, Leah and Katheryn) and we had a pleasant night together in a Tapas / Flamenco bar.

The month of April is also busy, finishing my projects. For instance, I created comprehensive documents outlining content for our upcoming online store and wholesale catalogue, so that it is all ready for our graphic design team to implement. I'm really excited to see the results, I hope soon! I'm also writing my training report required by my University and very important for me because it is my only mark for this semester! Also, in less than two weeks, on the 26th, Q'ente will have a booth at the Creatively United for the Planet Festival, come and invite your friends! It's going to be a fun festival with music, food, exhibitors and various activities. Check it out: !

Unfortunately, this is my last blog. I finish my internship at the end of April and will go back to France after a short trip in California. This internship reinforced my wish to work in an NGO later and do a masters degree in "economic development and international cooperation" in France next year. I want to say thanks to all the volunteers I met for their kindness and support, and particularly Sarah who was a great supervisor! This was really a great experience and I encourage everyone to volunteer with Mosqoy (I'm currently looking for someone to replace me as Sales Manager !!).

Good bye !

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