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Individual and Collective Intercultural Growth

Casa Mosqoy is much more than a living space for our students and volunteers. It is the center of the Mosqoy Community, a communal home for multicultural residents who dream together and support each other in the pursuit of individual and collective goals. Moreover, Mosqoy’s organizational structure and its emphasis on multiculturalism has created an incredibly diverse environment where Mosqoy students and volunteers alike have the opportunity to engage in intercultural exchanges every day, which are invaluable learning opportunities that continuously contribute to each individual’s development and to the Mosqoy Community’s growth.

As you navigate the hallways in Casa Mosqoy on any given day, you are likely to hear an amalgam of music styles that entertain the ear and give life to your feet and soul. The musical diversity usually includes Peruvian cumbia and huayno, Colombian vallenato, cumbia, and salsa, Puerto Rican reggaeton, Dominican bachata and merengue, American hip hop and European electronic. In addition, we enjoy occasional live performances in the Peruvian Quena (an Andean flute) by our students and the French accordion by our Q’ente volunteer, Rose. This musical mix accompanies the daily linguistic interplay between Quechua, Spanish, English and French - a testament to the diversity within our community.

Field visit in Cancha Cancha

To further complement these natural diversity, Casa Mosqoy holds a variety of events to further expose Mosqoy students to different cultures and situations in order to better prepare them for a successful professional life in a globalized society. Specifically, we hold a weekly futbol match and a monthly dinner exchange with San Blas Spanish School, and are in the process of establishing dinner exchanges with other organizations. In addition, we provide weekly English workshops for Mosqoy students in order to support what they learn in class. These workshops currently cover basic English, and will gradually become more challenging, covering themes aligned principally with the profession of each student.

The cultural exchanges in Mosqoy do not simply entail exposure to western cultures for our students. On the contrary, we strive to maintain a balance between student and volunteer exposure to western culture, and direct interaction with local Quechua language and traditions. Most of our students maintain a strong connection with their traditional life styles, as they travel to their communities every weekend to participate in family functions and work in their family chacra or farm. Mosqoy volunteers are fortunate to enjoy frequent invitations to travel to student homes to participate in local traditions and festivities. In addition, through our Kallpa K’oj program both students and volunteers give back to rural communities by supporting community driven development programs while sharing with, and learning from, local community members.

Field visit in Huilloc

Ultimately, Casa Mosqoy serves multiple purposes aside from merely providing a living space for students and volunteers. Casa Mosqoy is a multicultural space that contributes to the individual and collective growth of its members. In this space, we build and enjoy the freedom and tolerance necessary to experience continuous development. As responsible global citizens, we strive to take these values to the outside world as we pursue successful personal and professional lives within an increasingly connected world.


Student Profile: Karina is from Ollantaytambo, and is studying Hotel and Tourism Business Administration. She enjoys cooking, public speaking, and community activities where she can share with her friends and family. As a loving daughter and sister, she constantly supports her mom and siblings, and often acts as a backbone for her family during tough times. In Casa Mosqoy, Karina is a leader and always takes the initiative in planning group activities, or resolving house issues. Her laughter radiates throughout the house, and her positive energy contributes to a happy and positive environment within the group.

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