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The Mosqoy Community

The various meetings, dinners, movie nights, and soccer games, and the countless moments of laughter and serious conversations alike, have contributed to the growth of the Mosqoy Community within the past month. Mosqoy students have often expressed their desire to participate in group activities in order to increase the house's sense of community, and we have responded by organizing weekly group activities that provide a healthy balance between the academic, physical and social aspects of their lives. In the past two weeks, we have restarted weekly soccer matches between Mosqoy and San Blas Spanish School, and we have organized a movie night, yoga classes, and English workshops for the students. Our main objective is to run activities that promote healthy interactions between the students, Mosqoy volunteers, and our partners, in order to create a Mosqoy Community that supports our students' personal and professional development.

In addition to our group activities in Cusco, we strive to involve students' parents, families, and communities, who are key partners in our students’ development. To that end, we have conducted two group meetings with Mosqoy parents thus far. The Mosqoy Community also proudly participated in the Ollantaytambo 139th Anniversary Parade on October 29th, which welcomed numerous communities and organizations from the Sacred Valley and adjacent areas for a parade and extensive festivities. As in past years, the Mosqoy Community waved its banner to represent the opportunity, hopes, and dreams of our students and their families.

Finally, we have begun this semesters’ round of family visits, during which we visit each Mosqoy family in their home in order to provide a report on their child’s progress in school and in Casa Mosqoy, while sharing with and learning from them. Last weekend, we visited Luzmila’s family in her community of Cancha Cancha, which is located 10 kilometers uphill from the Sacred Valley town of Huaran at 4200 meters (14000 feet) above sea level. The long hike was well worth the effort, as we enjoyed a lovely cup of coca tea and a filling meal of alpaca meat in the company of Luzmila’s father and sisters. After lunch, we enjoyed a conversation thanks to Luzmila’s seamless translation between Spanish and Quechua, while we shared coca leaves with her father. At the end of our conversation, we spoke about Luzmila’s report, and joined her father in pride over her achievements in Casa Mosqoy and in her culinary career. Moments like those, when Mosqoy volunteers can share information and a sense of pride with our students’ families, are invaluable in creating strong ties in the Mosqoy Community. In the coming weeks, we look forward to visiting more families in the students' hometowns as we continue to build a supportive environment for our students.


Student Profile: Luzmila is studying culinary arts at the Blue Ribbon International school in Cusco. She is 22 years old, and hopes to work in an international restaurant once she finishes her studies. Having lived in Cancha Cancha her whole childhood, she misses the natural beauty and peaceful nature of her community, and she visits as often as possible to enjoy her family’s company. During our hike, she described Cancha Cancha as a paradise as she guided us to her family’s house, nourishing our spirits with her everlasting smile and contagious laughter.

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