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I spent two weeks during the holidays visiting my mom, grandma and friends in Arizona. On the eight hour layover in Lima, my second and last stop before entering the US, I began to think of a list of simple, everyday things that I would miss from Cuzco and Casa Mosqoy. This list wasn't really finalized until I was back in the US, in the thick of Black Friday fever. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices of products differing in quality, quantity and brand recognition. I missed the markets and the colors and the fact that you can get jungle fruits that don't exist in the US. But you have to have spent some time there to know where to find the cheapest peanut butter or where they sell coconut milk.

Photo taken by Carter Anderson

I missed the street dogs and always having company wherever you walk. I especially missed my favorite street dog, Chato, who was lost for weeks across town until he found me one day walking home! I never walk that far from home but I had gotten a haircut and didn't have enough money for the bus. I guess it was fate!

I even missed the panoramic city view from my window at night. And how, during the day, you can watch the storms roll over the surrounding hills and into the city. Being a little further from the center of town means fresh air, birds chirping and hiking in your backyard.

And last, but not least, I missed the fabulous Mosqoy team and students. Their presence fills the house. Whether they are washing clothes, cooking or dancing, there is always music playing and people laughing. We spent an amazing weekend upon my return, bringing hot chocolate, gifts and games to a remote community. I can say that I am glad to be back in Larapa and am looking forward to spending more time with the crew here!


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