Our Office in Victoria BC

Table of Contents:

1. Victoria Office

2. Volunteer potlucks! – They’re back!

3. Student sponsor highlight of the week

1. Victoria Office

First of all, we thought we'd invite you to take a look at our Victoria office! Nestled into the front of the Shoal Point Building, gazing onto the bustling boat and fish and chip scene of Fisherman's Wharf, we decided this was the perfect spot to set up our Victoria headquarters.

Fishing boats floating outside Fisherman's Wharf

Our best and most well loved workspace!

The office provides a great work space, and Mosqoy has benefitted enormously from having a main headquarters in Victoria. The office is the hub of our Victoria chapter, giving us a place to store textiles, connect with other local organizations, and hold meetings in the communal boardroom. Our space itself is definitely teeny, but we're able make use of the shared kitchen, office supplies, photocopier etc, which have proved to be wonderful resources.

2. Volunteer Potlucks- They’re back!

Mosqoy loves potlucks. Ever since Mosqoy’s inception, we’ve bonded over our shared love of food and our passion to create positive change in Peru and all around the globe. Our potlucks also act as informal volunteer meetings, helping us brainstorm new ideas, and keep everyone updated on the latest news.

We were happy to have lovely live music being played in the kitchen as we snacked and chatted. Thanks to everyone who came and made the night a such an awesome success.

We decided that we’ll be holding monthly potlucks from now on! Want to attend and get involved? Send us an email at , or check out our volunteer page, here.

3. Student Sponsor Highlight of the Week: