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Juan, our former Resident Advisor at Casa Mosqoy.

There are so many exciting things afoot with the Andean Youth Program! We are settling into the new Casa Mosqoy, the students have elected a house leadership cabinet who are fulfilling their tasks exceptionally, and we are receiving and training new summer volunteers and finding new great future leaders to participate in our programs. With all the excitement, however, we have to say goodbye to some very special people who have dedicated their time and energy to supporting our organization on the ground.

Clara, our new AYP Communications Coordinator.

Juan, our Resident Advisor, after pouring his heart and soul into developing our Casa Mosqoy programs and successfully training our first student cabinet is moving on at the end of May. He also worked very hard to make this year’s Kallpa K’oj program (our student volunteer service program) a success - having encouraged the students to develop and give workshops in each of Q’ente’s six weaving communities. He came to us in October and made a huge impact on our students and program, and we wish him all the best!

Marietta was our Kallpa K’oj assistant, and worked alongside Juan and AYP students to create and implement successful workshops decided on by communities. She was a great help to organizing our students thoughts and inspiring them to share their knowledge. Though only here for two months, she worked hard and gave her all to make Kallpa K’oj a success.

Rose, our former Textile Field Coordinator.

Rose, though not working specifically with the Andean Youth Program, lived and worked alongside us as the Textile Field Coordinator since November. Her spirit and laughter infected us all, and the kids looked forward to hiking with Rose out to communities and working together.

Natalie came here for six weeks and focused on the project we developed with Battalion Park Elementary school in Calgary, a community library in the highland community of Q’enqo. She visited the community several times, and inspired families and school leaders to participate in the development and re-opening of this great project.

Carolina moved into Casa Mosqoy in January, and provided great support for not only AYP and Q'ente, bridging gaps as needed, but also a personal support to the entire field crew. She stepped in and coordinated our service project meals in March, assisted Rose in her monthly meetings, and even stepped in to run meetings in May for the Textile Program - Q'ente. She sadly is leaving with Juan as they move on to the next great chapter in their lives!

Erick, our new AYP program management intern.

In addition to these volunteers, we had the pleasure of working with a few other volunteers who helped us settle in to Casa Mosqoy. Shawn stepped up as the handyman of the house, reinstalling doorknobs and getting all of our sockets functioning once again among other tasks. Isabel has worked hard to set up our office, buying a proper filing cabinet (!!!) and desk (!!!), and beginning to file all of our paperwork. Trevor has been putting his effort into the garden, turning the soil and weeding, and Cassady researched and constructed a compost bin that will avoid a rat infestation!

Marietta, who has been working in the Kallpa K'oj program

While we are sad to see these volunteers finish their projects and positions and move on, we are very excited to welcome more people over the summer! Stephanie is coming to us from California to replace Juan as Resident Advisor, Erick has come from Victoria to assist program management until the end of August, and Clara will be coming from Germany (via Spain) to act as our Communications Coordinator!

Check back in the coming weeks to get to know our summer team and for news on our entering class - Mosqoy 6!

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