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In the spring of 2016, Mosqoy is welcoming two outstanding alumni of our youth education program in Peru to come to British Columbia, Canada, for four months to study English and act as cultural ambassadors. While in BC, Lisbeth and Adrian, our two upcoming Ambassadors, will share their threatened indigenous Quechua culture with Canadians and foster relationships with local indigenous youth, while gaining invaluable employability skills as they develop proficiency in English, their third language after Quechua and Spanish.

What is a Mosqoy Ambassador?

Every other year, Mosqoy selects two graduates of our education scholarship program that have demonstrated outstanding leadership and hard work throughout and following their time in the program, providing them the opportunity to become Cultural Ambassadors to Canada. While in Canada, their goals are twofold: Lisbeth and Adrian will complete a four-month intensive English-language course though the English Language Centre at the University of Victoria. Gaining fluency in English (their third language after Quechua and Spanish) will improve our Ambassadors’ employment opportunities once they return to Peru. Our former Ambassadors have all found successful positions in the Cusco region since returning from their studies in Canada. Throughout their time in British Columbia, Lisbeth and Adrian will participate in an indigenous knowledge exchange, with activities ranging from presentations and workshops in classrooms and community organizations to informal gatherings with peers and indigenous youth in BC. Their cross-cultural exchange itinerary will be highlighted by and indigenous knowledge exchange retreat with around 25 youth participants, including youth from Kenya, First Nations in BC, and local high school and university students, and will culminate with a two-week stay in the Tahltan Nation in Northern BC. We believe that cross-cultural exchange is an important way for youth to learn first-hand about the issues faced by indigenous communities globally, to share solidarity among fellow inspiring indigenous youth from other communities around the world, as well as to strengthen and protect their own traditions and values.

Get involved in the cultural exchange by clicking here!

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