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It has been more than one month since I arrived in Victoria and I love it so far! It is pleasant to live in this small city, here everybody is nice and relaxed and the landscape is beautiful. Last week it was very cold - look at this gorgeous picture of the Parliament's fountain! Even though I was in New Brunswick last semester and spent Christmas in Quebec, I'm not used to the cold and I'm looking forward to better weather so I will be able to hike on Vancouver Island. However, I had the opportunity to travel twice, I spent two great week-ends in Seattle and Vancouver!

Parliament's fountain

My work with Mosqoy is also really exciting. I have begun to progress and achieve some of my activities and projects. In the first place, we realized an outdoor photo-shoot last Friday with awesome models and photographers (thank you everyone!), and I'm currently organizing the indoor photo shoot for home decor items in a hotel on Thursday. The next step is to develop a wholesale catalogue and an online store for Q’ente textiles. It is an important project that will allow Q’ente to increase its textile sales, which will directly benefit the weavers because it would allow us to buy more textiles, and increase our support to the rural Andean communities we work with through our development projects and the Andean youth program.

Photo shoot - Beacon Hill Park

Last Monday, I went to the International Development Week at UVic to sell textiles after Ashli's lecture. Even though I know a lot about Mosqoy now, it is always a pleasure to listen to Ashli's presentations!

Other exciting events and sales opportunities are coming. First of all, the Mosqoy Gala and Exhibition at Habit Coffee this Saturday night. If you are in Victoria, come find out about our organization and enjoy music, local food & beer, and our fair trade crafts!

Next month will be also busy. I will be organizing the Fibres West Festival in Cloverdale, one of our favourite events of the year!

See you next month for my third (and sadly second-to-last) blog.

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