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The last few weeks have been rainy and gloomy in Victoria. However, we had a few nice days so I went to Beacon Hill Park, Dallas Road and Mount Tolmie with friends to enjoy the beautiful landscapes surrounding Victoria. It is at times like this that I realize that I am very lucky to live in such a nice place. Except for the rainy weather, I really like this city, I hope I will have more opportunities to visit the rest of Vancouver island!

View from Dallas Road - Victoria

Regarding my work with Q'ente, textiles sales have been great this month!

First of all, the Mosqoy Gala and Exhibition on February 15 at the Habit Cafe was a success. People came in great numbers and were very generous. Gerry and I worked together to sell textiles; we were a good team and sold scarves, bags and a lot of small items. That was definitely worth the effort of working all day Saturday, because it was a great soiree with a good atmosphere!

Textile display - Mosqoy Gala and Exhibition

Brentwood school also organized another sale of Q'ente textiles on their own at the end of February to coincide with a school-led theatrical production. Thanks for your continued support, Brentwood!

At the office, I'm still working on the online store and catalogue projects for Q'ente textiles that involve research on the internet and the organization of an indoor photoshoot. I'm also working on social media updates!

I am also trying to find good ideas for our textile display for our upcoming fairs and events, and we have some exciting ones coming up! I'm going to Vancouver the next two week-ends in a row to help with some sales: first, a lecture and sale that Sarah will be giving at Hycroft Manor on March 16, and then, the great event Fibres West on March 21 and 22, in Cloverdale.

Dear Readers, I hope to see you next month for my last blog !

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