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The holidays are a time for celebrating what you have, the year behind you, and the people in your life you are grateful for. As ex-pats living in a foreign city, we are often far away from our loved ones, but those of us here in the Andes are lucky. The sense of community is extremely strong in the Sacred Valley, and something we experience with many of our weaving communities.

For this holiday season, all the students in our Andean Youth Program and Mosqoy fellows on the ground in Peru ventured to Pitukiska, a weaving community in the Mapacho River Valley, for a special celebration.

While filming this video of "La Chocolatada", I took portraits of the families, paying close attention to the multi generations that they often capture. I was lucky to celebrate with the welcoming people of Pitukiska, and my Mosqoy family, a group of individuals that value sharing joy with others.

Prospero Año Nuevo,

Alexandra Leinweber & Tres Vidas

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